The Challenge

This Richmond native is a modern and glamorous New York
City woman at heart, and her old kitchen did not reflect her
tastes. The dark space had not been updated in over 20
years: dark cherry cabinets, black moldings, and black
French scroll wallpaper made the room feel heavy. The
lighting was limited to a couple of chandeliers and minimal
task lighting. The homeowner added a built-in secretary and
glass hutch (painted cream) years prior to add storage and
to brighten the space. The old cabinetry was starting to fail,
and the dark space was weighing in on the homeowner. She
was ready for a bright, fresh space with modern conveniences and a layout that worked better for entertaining. After seeing a Richmond skyline installation by a local metal artist, she found her inspiration for the overall feel of her new kitchen—a juxtaposition of pre-war southern elegance and modern industrial urbanism of New York City.

The Solution